I’m very happy to finally get my little corner of the cyberverse up and running. Right now you’ll find some of my artwork: comic book pages, pin-up style comic work, and some more traditional pieces as well. Feel free to email me at bradmthingvold@gmail.com with any questions.

This site is also the official home of my webcomic, “Bingo!” It’s a tale of the old west, but probably not quite what you’re used to. It’s funny. I swear! You can find several links around the site or you can click the link below. Enjoy!



  1. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Fargo at Comic Con today. On a whim and only reading a few lines (and trying not to completely lose my shit laughing) I had to buy it. I look forward to reading more about Bingo (😂😂 What a name). Thank you and you’re bowling buddies. You guys sound absolutely ridiculous and like a ton of fun.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Ashlee! I’m very glad you enjoy it! It is a lot of fun to make. Be on the look out for more frequent updates to the site going forward as I will have much more time to devote to the next chapters.

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