Hi, I’m Brad. I’m an artist and this is my website. As a nearly lifelong resident of North Dakota, I live about as far away from an ocean as a person possibly can…in North America, at least. Not a big deal for me since I don’t really much care for seafood and never learned to swim.

While perusing my site you will see I work in a variety of styles and mediums. My first artistic love was comic book art. Specifically, sequential storytelling. To fill out the rest of the notches on my nerd I.D. card, I’m a lifelong fan of video games, science fiction, and fantasy. My family’s first video game console was a Mattel Intellivision and I’ve been a fan of the Star Wars: A New Hope for just about as long as it has been released.

I make a comic called “Bingo!” You can access the chapters – or read the entire thing from the beginning – via the menu at the top of the page. It’s a tale of a mismatched pair of fellas trying to survive the Wild West – and each other!


It’s good. Aside from the Wild West elements the story has fantasy and supernatural elements as well. Expect to see kobolds and goblins, demonic handguns, the undead, black-eyed children, ghosts…probably, I’m sure I’ll add some steampunk stuff in there at some point, too… it’s interesting, is what I’m saying. You know, now that I’m thinking of Westerns, I’ve never watched the movie “Tombstone” …or even “Back to the Future Part III” for that matter. I’m in my forties so that seems weird. Right?

If you’re interested in some original artwork, I am open for commissions. There is a section for those on the top menu as well. I also have quite a bit of original artwork and prints available in my shop.

If you need to reach me for any reason (I work at home by myself so even if you just want to say hello) please send an email to bradmthingvold@gmail.com or get in touch with me via various social media platforms. Thanks for stopping!